Website Design

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Website Design

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Serato is known as a world leading audio software for music lovers everywhere. They are based in New Zealand and has partnerships with many highly regarded hardware, software, and record industry companies worldwide.

Serato is an example of what a New Zealand company can do on the world stage. Innovation is at the heart of what they do. They share a passion for intuitive software that enables DJs to create truly inspiring live performances that you can never recreate in a studio.

Serato enables you to feel and touch your music under your finger tips.

Alot of pen & paper work were done to explore the IA, IxD and content for the website.
Digital strategy 
A Disruption Day was held to explore the current conventions that were holding Serato back and denying the brand going forward. The outcome from that day will serve as a recommended strategic output. It was the first stage in the journey to put Serato back on the path of revolution.

From Serato being a noun for a software product to Serato as a verb / action.
From being the pro end of the market to liberating all music lovers to express themselves.
From being seen as individual and isolated to community and exchange.
From being obsessed with software features to unlocking what Serato enables you to do.

A brand specialist has been engaged to craft and develop the Serato brand.

The new brand guidelines should enable anyone working on the Serato business to understand what the brand stands for and how it thinks, acts and communicates. It must enable and inspire exceptional communication design within a consistent framework.
Creative concept 
Video is key. Video is the best way to capture the performance. It brings together the crowd, the club and the DJ. We want to make video pervasive on the Serato site. It is what adds the atmosphere and texture.

User interacts with site, it scratches and cues the background video, allowing you to play with the site.
Performance mode that enables mixing and cutting in a simplified way. Mimicking the basic elements of a DJ.

All with the objectives of inspire and educate people who is Serato and what they do.

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