Digital Wall

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Digital Wall

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Australia Post is investing in installing a 24.8m² LED screen into the foyer at the 111 Bourke Street headquarters, which will provide a number of benefits over the current analogue large format solution including a lower marginal cost, addition of audio, ability to show video, flexibility to show multiple messaging at one time, and the ability to develop content/messaging for immediate execution.

The digital wall is a new channel to communicate with staff, customers, visitors and passers-by. A cost-efficient and engaging tool featuring continually updated content designed for the audience by time of day. It’s the big hearted, inventive, consider it done voice of Australia Post on the big screen. 
Content pillars
Five pillars have been devised to maximize the messaging and delivery to agreed key Australia Post and StarTrack audiences, as well as visitors and passers-by to the foyer. The pillars are designed to maximize communicative efficacy throughout the day; to augment, integrate, and not to interrupt workflow, and to positively impact productivity and morale. 

Fun and Entertaining:
These are the executions that stop you in your tracks. Clever, tech-driven digital displays to make our employees, partners and customers smile.

Utility (Weather/Transport updates):
The screen is useful in all sorts of contexts, and this is useful in it’s most basic form. Date, weather, how many days until Christmas, how many days injury free, traffic updates and when the next train leaves for Ringwood. 

Internal communications (Indigenous football/Dog safety videos):
Keeping our staff in the loop on what’s going on inside Post HQ with non-confidential information. Cultural initiatives, shout outs, safety achievements and milestones. 

External communications (Marketing campaign banner):
This is where we’ll display our consumer-facing communications -banners, images and videos.

Dashboards and Live data (Social media/Customer feeds):
Australia Post and StarTrack collectively represent one of the largest logistics and delivery networks in the world. This pillar will convert this fact into tangible numbers and figures: how many parcels today, KM’s travelled, Parcel Lockers opened, social media and customer survey verbatim etc.

Setting up
The actual physical digital screen is measured and the design is displayed to make sure the text are legible at far distance. Given that this is a digital wall, the audience will have different entry point and we need to make sure each content on the screen is bite size and we are still able to relate the whole experience even if they come and go at any point
Weather content
Melbourne weather information.
Sydney weather information.
Canberra weather information.
Early prototype using Australian Bureau of Meteorology API. Background effects for sun and rain are created with WebGL as per concept.
Cloudy weather.
Sunny day.

Social content
Public sentiment towards Australia Post on social media.
Transportation content
Tram schedule.
Train schedule.
Video content
Campaign content

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