The Beautiful Peephole
Resn-fy Visual Exploration

I served as an intern in one of Australasias most internationally recognized creative agencies for a total of 12 weeks. I got to work with many great projects and wonderful clients. My duties involved creative design and digital production. 

In the span of 12 weeks, I have spent a great amount of office time and after office hours picking up new tools and doing experimental stuff. I am honored to be part of the family and I really enjoyed my stay in Resn. They are a bunch of crazy, passionate and fun people.

Only in Resn, you get to work with New Zealand's finest creative beings.

Style objectives
Resn = Raw + Alive + Real + Bold.
(What the fuck moments?!)

During my internship period, I was inspired and motivated by the works of Resn. While still trying to be original and keeping hold on to my belief and style, I siphoned what I have grasped and blended them into my works. 

Therefore, I am Resn-fied.