Tiger Beer
Tiger Translate 2009 - Visions of Change

Conceived in 2006 by Asia's leading beer, Tiger Translate has been working with pioneers in the creative industry to uncover over 150 multi-disciplinary creatives from across Asia and form a
collection known as AKAs (Asian Kinetic Artists).

"Change" is what is needed in the current era. The advent of the bustling city may have altered the growth pattern of the world. Contamination and pollution have brought unwanted substances and factors to the natural environment. Human activities are the main consequence that is harming our earth. The essential qualities and characteristics of what we define as "Nature" have been slowly smudged and blurred. Children are the agent of change. They are the force, the center of expectations and the power that will drive the future and make changes.

We live in a climate of change. Information, technological and social changes are bringing the world together faster than ever before. Tiger Beer has historically been bridging the gap between East and West, boldly embracing this change. 

Style objectives
50's Sci-Fi Retro art with a reaction on 19th century Art Nouveau movement.
Illustration based on my acknowledgement of admirations towards Igor Zimmermann + Audrey Kawasaki.

Exhibitions & Events
Singapore, Mumbai, Bangkok, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Berlin, Sydney.

Creative Review, IdN, Computer Arts, Shift, Theme.