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The new Myspace is about reimagining discovery, "Discovered & to be Discovered" both conventionally and unconventionally. Myspace is still all about meeting new people, finding new content, engaging in rich onsite experiences and being personally discovered.

Core cultures
Self-expression / rebellion / edge / passion / freedom / fun / beauty / eye candy / sex / release / sacredness / bleeding edge / exclusivity / ever changing / always different... POP CULTURE!
Themes are a super fun way for people to express themselves. Because of this, Myspace provides a tremendous amount of design flexibility to the theme designers. While you can't customize every single thing, you sure can customize a lot.

The most important thing to remember is that the theme should be interesting, fun, but the content on the page needs to be legible.
Illustration mock-ups
Myspace x Resn 

A series of quick design crumbs were done initially to get myself familiar with the Resn branding. A design style with a personality that could identify Resn. We decided to stick on to the last variation. I further expanded the concept and style from that point beyond.
Moodboard 1
Culture Lust

You define the future of discovery.
Key Concepts: People's voice, Irony and humor, Genuine, Real people and situations, Bizarre nature, Abrassive, In touch, Pop culture, Culture junkie.
Design Concepts: Unpolished, Cut and paste, Readymade and handcraft, Collage, Untouched photography, Grain and git, Bold and patterned. 
Moodboard 2
The Stage

We guide you into the world of discovery.
Key Concepts: Stylized, Safe, Candy, Rich, Tech. 
Design Concepts: Clean, Studio photography, Art and illustration, Clean sharp typography, Rich and fresh colors.

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