— Take a Flight

Using the iconic bird from the closing frames of the first Hobbit film, we cast our user as a bird flying over the real New Zealand. The experience itself is part of a cohesive global campaign around "The Hobbit".

Lord of the Rings (together with Tourism New Zealand’s advertising) have cemented the perception of New Zealand having stunningly beautiful landscapes that you can have fun in. This perception is one we want to continue to use and solidify.

Game mechanics
As the user collected cards, we added birds to their flock. They would also see and interact with the flocks of other users around the world in real-time.

The ultimate game element was to collect a key to each of four hero film locations. Unlocked, each experience opened an animated scene revealing film artefacts, video and image galleries, as well as local activities and experiences.
Conceptual landing page for all things "Hobbit".
Carousel images / Hobbit blends
The ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy and ‘The Hobbit’ films transport their viewers to a magical land – Middle-earth. A place where dwarves, elves, Hobbits and wizards exist and in which their quests are played out against awe inspiring backdrops. To the un-initiated eye, the spectacular scenes they are seeing can only be the work of amazing film-makers and the latest special effects.

Those who have visited New Zealand know that whilst the characters are fictional, the landscape and experiences are very real. We want to let audiences know that New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful place, where fascinating stories and captivating experiences await them.

The Hobbit blends serve as a purpose to form a harmonious mix between fantasy and reality.
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