ANZ — New Payments Platform Design
Interaction/Visual Design + User Testing

Imagine being able to make realtime data rich payments easily and quickly, any time, any place. This is the future with NPP in Australia. The cumbersome way to make payments using a BSB (branch code) and account number is no longer the only way to address payments. With NPP you can address payments to mobile phone numbers, email addresses and Australian Business Numbers (ABNs) or other aliases.

The arrival of the realtime New Payments Platform (NPP) in 2017 is set to revolutionise the payments landscape. Instead of waiting hours for a transfer or several days for a cheque to clear, Australians could be paid in a matter of seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The implications are significant for working capital, consumer peer to peer payments and future innovation in the payments sector.

User flow
Mobile site
Future dated payments
A future dated transaction is any transaction (e.g. Funds Transfer, Bill Payment, or Business Payment) that you select in Internet Banking to occur in the future, rather than immediately. The time limit on how far in advance you can setup your transaction varies with the type of transaction you are performing. Time limits are up to 60 days in advance for Funds Transfers and BPAY, and up to 7 days in advance for Business Payments. If a daily limit applies to your future dated transaction, this limit will be checked on the future date of your transaction.

Android future dated payments wireframe.
iOS future dated payments wireframe.

Transaction list concepts
Account view concepts
Pay anyone flow
Choose a payee
Receipt exploration
Transaction history exploration
Alias is part of the new NPP's capabilities where it allows easier addressing. It is often hard for customers to remember their BSB and account number. They might have their friends' contact details but not their bank details. With aliases, you are now able to make payments through other methods of identification.

User flow
Alias registration
Alias registration concept 1.
Alias registration concept 2.

Paper prototype
Mobile site
Desktop test flow
Usability testing 1
We presented three scenarios to participants and asked them to use a clickable prototype to complete a number of set tasks. As participants worked through the tasks, we gathered feedback on how the prototype articulated the NPP concept.

The scenarios were:
• Add a new payee and pay them via mobile.
• Add an email alias to an existing payee.
• Write an extended message to a payee.
Mobile app
Participants were also asked to perform 3 tasks on a goMoney prototype screens to gather feedback and validate the designs.

The tasks were:
• Pay new payee via email.
• Pay saved payee urgently via NPP.
• Pay a phone contact via mobile.
Usability testing 2
We tested the BPAY user flow with tasks like adding existing biller, modifying biller details and adding a new biller. Below is a snapshot of the note taking process through close observation of the user using the prototype.