ANZ goMoney App — UI Tonal Patterns
Design Patterns

Imagine every single element on screen is a performer on the stage. Every one of them has a certain personality and they work together like a connected thread from frame to frame to orchestrate a seamless performance. It is up to the designers to act as a director to convey the story of the brand or product behind them.

If ANZ were to speak to us, what would it say? We also need to start thinking, if ANZ were to move, what would it feel like? If we apply motion and tone at the appropriate context with subtlety and finesse we could amplify a positive feeling to greater heights or lessen a negative feedback and extinguish it. A well considered design will be able to influence people's perception and create an emotional appeal which is more positive and enjoyable.

User interface + Functionality = Product personality

Tonal patterns
Growth & Communications
The growth and communications patterns document design components that help users quickly and intuitively understand what they can do with your app. It captivates the attention of the user at contextually relevant moments and communicate to them how they could interact with the app. This helps with engagement and retention.
Confirmation & Acknowledgement
When an action is performed. We need to either confirm or acknowledge that action. Demonstrating that, we will leave our users feel validated and reassured.
When the app fails to complete an action, we need to help convey to the users what is wrong and what is the possible next action they could expect to resolve it. It nudges the users through the correct sequence of actions so that they can avoid confusion and better accomplish their goals.
When the user has accomplished an aim or purpose. We should celebrate that by giving them feedback across a spectrum of light to heavy. This helps to create a powerful push in that direction and foster goal attainment.