ANZ goMoney App — Onboarding Exploration
Conceptual Piece

The purpose of these onboarding screens is to virtually unbox the app experience and demonstrate what it does. It is brief and enhance the use of the app. The aim is to welcome users and excite them about the experience ahead. The frequency, timing and context are crucial in crafting a good onboarding experience.

Onboarding models
• Feature discovery.
• Instructional.
• First-run experience.
• Quickstart.

Feature discovery
Apple pay
When users are on the account screen, we prompt users to try the new Apple Pay feature.
Activate cards
The activate cards feature is a guided flow that walk users through tasks that require multiple steps to complete. If the user hasn't activate a card before, we show a tip and hide it for subsequent usage. We also thought this is a good opportunity to gamify the experience and make it interactive. We educate the users by helping them understand how to interact with a specific element, like holding a card and activate it through NFC. 

NFC learnings
• Different cards have different built. Some are able to emit stronger NFC signals, some not.
• Different mobile devices have different NFC sweet spots.
• Different mobile vendors have different implementation of NFC standards.
First-run experience
This model contains a brief autoplay carousel that highlights the primary benefits from using the app. It auto rotates, disable auto advance when the user touches the carousel. It is swipe enabled either in forward and backward directions. From a visual point of view, we try to maintain visual continuity by having similar carousel page design styles. Each visual is supported with words to better express the benefits.
In this model, users land directly in the UI. We propose different UI patterns with the aim of helping users derive more value from the app by introducing them with a soft nudge to new features and functionality. If there is a particular feature that is important and requires the user attention, a forced education (eg: Introducing activate cards) dialog will be displayed. It gives the user the opportunity to learn how to use the app.