ANZ goMoney App — Apple Pay & Manage Cards Discovery
Discovery Phase

ANZ launched its partnership with Apple to much fanfare, trumpeting the fact that the bank was the only one in Australia to offer Apple Pay. As part of the digital wallets ecosystem, we were looking at how we could provision Apple Pay through goMoney app. Making it as seamless as possible for our customers to add ANZ cards in Apple Wallet. 

Besides that, we also looked at how customers will be able to manage their cards through the goMoney app. By bringing in customer's voice in our earlier exploration work, we looked at card related key features such as suspending card, cancelling card and changing PIN.

Public reaction
Test flows
Apple Pay provisioning
Option 1a: Generic link
Option 1b: Basic card aware link
Option 2a: Manage cards (Account headers)
Option 2b: Manage cards (No account headers)

Card activation
Card activation and Apple Pay.

Future concept
Manage cards full suite.

Part 1: Interview
App usage:
1. Main banking app?
2. Other banking apps?
3. How often do you use it?
4. What do you mainly do?

Account usage:
1. How many accounts?
2. How many cards?
3. Any secondary/companion cards?

Apple Pay:
1. What do you know about Apple Pay?
2. Have you added to your card? Would you add it to your card?
3. Why/why not? (e.g. uncertainty, security concerns etc?)
4. How do you think it works? How do you think you’d add it?

Part 2: Tasks
1: MVP generic link
The findability of the promo tile?  External link out to Apple Pay provisioning process, how does that feel? Does this meet their expectation?

2: Manage cards/Apple Pay
Task: You’ve heard about Apple Pay and would like to add it to your ‘Rewards Black’ AMEX credit card so you can make purchases with Apple Pay tomorrow.

Task: You’ve heard about Apple Pay and would like to add it to your ‘Access Savings’ debit card so you can make purchases with Apple Pay tomorrow.

Observation/Probe (Cards): 
• Can users find cards management area? 
• Identify the point of departure, how users navigate around?
• Are they looking for any specific Apple Pay related content? Where do they expect it to be?
• How do users naturally identify their cards? Account name? Balance? Card number? Card image? Colour? VISA/AMEX badges? Or?

Observation/Probe (Apple Pay): 
•Can user find the Apple Pay promo button?
•Difference between Apple Pay status icons (i.e. added and not added) clear?
•Shorter in-app provisioning process reactions.
•Confirmation/success status clear?

3: Activate card
Task: You have just received your new 'ANZ First' credit card in the mail. Activate it in goMoney.

1. Any issues finding 'Activate card'? How users navigate to it.
2. Are they comfortable with CVV activation? Any security concerns? 
3. Is success message clear?
4. Next steps after success screen? eg: Add Apple Pay?

4: Supplementary tasks: Manage cards/Apple Pay
Task (Secondary card): You have an additional ‘Rewards Black’ Visa credit card linked to your account that belongs to your wife, Jane R Citizen. You would like to link your wife’s card to Apple pay so you can use it to pay.

1. Can they find the secondary card (slide drop down) design ok?
2. How do they locate the correct card (secondary card holder name, logo etc)?
3. Need to add secondary cardholder name?
4. Would they provision wife’s card?
5. Do they expect to view/manage secondary cards as the primary holder?

Task (Companion card): You also have a ‘Rewards Black’ Visa credit card and would like to make some in store purchases with that tomorrow. Add Apple Pay it to the card so you can pay with Apple Pay tomorrow.

1. Do they expect to provision companion cards separately?
2. Do they expect to manage companion cards separately? eg: Change PIN etc?

Testing results are documented in a spreadsheet across participants.